Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Over The Dashboard

I wanted to explain a few things about Cat Daddy before starting on the third scene of Frick and Frack's rough stock romance. First, before you start getting the idea he was some kind of "loser" on the make, he wasn't. He is just very single minded in his pursuit of what he this case, me! Second, it wasn't that he was a push over either...he is and always will be, 100% peacock. He struts with the best of them and isn't going to be led around by the nose by this case, me!

I feel much better getting that off my chest and now it's back to the Paso Doble of our courtship!

Act I, Scene 3

With that last phone call, I knew this was a man who knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid of going after it. I had been pursued before, but never with quite so much intensity. I suppose that was what frightened me so about him. I knew in my heart of hearts where this was leading and where it was going to end.

I agreed to go out with him again and with a few ground rules (like keeping his hands in his pockets!) in place, we began to see each other on a regular basis. I was still dating a few others and I thought he was too. Only thing is...I was wrong about him. He had been seeing someone pretty regular before meeting me that Friday night at the Palms and she was seriously serious about him. She caught me out one night with my friends and proceeded to give me a piece of her mind...which in my opinion she didn't have to spare! (She let him get away, didn't she?) I was shocked to say the least. I had no idea he had dumped her when we started going out, but he had very strong convictions about dating two women (especially one he wanted to throw a loop over) at one time. Seems he considered some things deal breakers and along with not putting your hand over your heart during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner, this was one of them.

I let her have it right back, reminding her that he wasn't married or even engaged to her. If he wanted to continue seeing her, that was his choice, not mine. If she had a problem, she needed to take it up with him and leave me the heck alone. It seems she had already taken it up with him and he had told her Adios! She thought if she could just get me out of the picture, everything would resume to her version of normal. Of course, the quickest way to make a man look more attractive is to have another woman want him and thanks to her...I wanted him!

So with the cowgirl tart out of the way, I felt I needed to halt any further dating of other people on my end. It only seemed fair. He had never told me not to (smart man), but I knew it was time to quit playing games and get down to business. We discussed it and he told me that he didn't need to know about my past. What he had done in the past was his past and what I had done was mine. Done, over, forgotten...strictly don't ask/don't tell! I knew then, this was someone who could make me happy!

Even though we had only known each other a few weeks, we were out together almost every night. If we didn't go out, he'd call and we'd talk until he fell asleep with the phone in his hand. After about four weeks, he began doing the proposal polka. He would dance all around the question, never asking, just doing a little fancy two steppin'. Finally after about six weeks (again at the drive-in, no less), he turned to me and said, "How 'bout it?"

(to be continued)


  1. 6 weeks is about the length of time my hubbs and I knew each other before we discussed marriage, maybe shorter. Met Labor Day, and married 3 days after Christmas.

  2. Oddly enough my hubby and I only knew each other about 6 weeks before we "knew" and he says I asked him...details details. We were married 6 weeks after that and are now approaching our 40th..You guys we're proof fairytales are real and alive!

  3. Shorty here too. First date Memorial day weekend, engaged by July 4th, married August 30. No fairy tale though. Eighteen years and *poof* all over. Your fire either burns hot for a while or turns to those hot coals that last a lifetime.

  4. I always say you spend the first five years wishing you could just eat 'em up, the next 50 wishing you had!
    Don't y'all think if you marry someone after a shorter period, no one has the time to find out about all the bad habits...on both sides of the bed?


  6. Those dern cowgirl tarts! Be gone! I'm loving getting to know the real Cat Daddy. Purr!