Sunday, August 16, 2009

No Tell Motel

Act II, Scene 3

In spite of not having the ring of my dreams, everything else seemed to fall into place. Mother wanted me to "borrow" her engagement ring for the ceremony which I was honored to do. So with something new and dress and something old and borrowed...her ring, I was ready. The day came and I started second guessing myself. I was convinced he had been slipping something in my drinks for the past two months in order to get me to this place in time. What was I thinking? I was only 22...I had only known him three months...was I throwing my life away? Several times I looked at the window longingly, wondering how long it would take to be missed if I just quietly slipped out it. I figured I would have at least an hour's head start before anyone came looking for me! Daddies must come with a second sense when it comes to their little girls because mine told me that it wasn't too late to call it off. He would just send everyone home if that's what I wanted to do, but I think that's what he wanted me to do. It's funny...he had sent me to college to find a rich husband, but when I had found one (albeit a poor one)...he was the one with cold feet!

With the ceremony happening without a hiccup, (for once my cowboy was sober) it was time for photographs, cake cutting and the toast. All of this went off very normal (except for one guest remarking she'd give it 30 days!)which made me a little nervous. Nothing about our relationship had been "normal" and I found this a little disconcerting to say the least. I shouldn't have been too worried though. We still had the honeymoon to get through!

We were married in Plano at my grandparents' home and were just going to take a short trip to East Texas to meet more of his family. We left that evening heading east and at Kaufman, he pulled off the highway into a motel parking lot. If you know your Texas geography, this is only about 45 miles give or take one anxious bridegroom breathing like he'd just run the Boston marathon. Eager? I should say so, but when we walked into the room, I thought I would die right there on the spot! Where there should have been a bathroom door....hung a plastic shower curtain!

My cowboy had ran the rodeo circuit and worked a lot of out of town construction jobs so where they would stay was never an issue. The idea that me, being a woman, would find our accommodations less than thrilling, truly never entered his mind. There was a shower, a sink, a toilet and a bed...what else could I need? A DOOR! I wanted a bathroom door...with a lock! I had never shared a bathroom with a man and I wasn't about to start now. There are just some things between a man and woman...especially newlyweds...that should remain private. On top of the ignominy of no door, my nerves suddenly got the best of me and I knew that bathroom was going to be new my best friend for the next few hours. I used every excuse I could come up with to get him out of that room. I'm hungry...I'm thirsty...I want a Twinkie...I think I left my birth control pills in the truck! Bless his heart, every time I asked for something, he went and got it. I don't think he ever realized what was going on as soon as that door shut behind him! "Oh thank heaven for 7/11" was my personal mantra all night!

Somehow, some way, we made it through that first night without me calling a lawyer and started out for deep East Texas the next morning where more motel fun was waiting. It's kind of sad...that funny little motel is gone from Kaufman now. He likes to say it had to be torn down after one night of us! I like to say it should have been demolished before we ever got there!

(to be continued)


  1. Bless his little heart! I think he is still trying to please you in every way! Smart man!


  2. Oh, my, that's an interesting beginning to say the least. Don't stop the love story now!

  3. Love your details! How DO you remember all this? I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.

  4. Debra, it is forever tatooed on my brain, but the therapy is helping!

  5. Debbie, I could have been the first comment, but I was speechless to say anything. I am not sure if I want to laugh or cry. I know already it ended well, so I want to laugh. But if I did not know that and read all your excuses, I would want to rescue you that night. But I not sure what I would do for CD he is the nice guy here too! Keep going I am still wondering.... Sandi

  6. Still chuckling and remembering that first few months of marriage! Keep it coming, girl!!