Thursday, June 25, 2009

What Price Fame?

How bizarre to get on the Internet tonight and see that Michael Jackson had passed away at 50. My first reaction was that it was some kind of joke. Perhaps a way to avoid all the debt he had accumulated or a way for privacy that he had been denied. Then, I am so ashamed, I thought it was a publicity stunt.

I don't know why I was feeling ashamed. It's not like he didn't do things constantly as a way of drawing attention to himself. He was odd and perhaps more than just a little tormented. His public actions in his adult years rarely made sense. Having been in the limelight his entire life, he probably didn't know any other way to live....needing the focus to be on himself just to breathe.

You have to wonder what kind of life experiences does that to a person....warping them in such a way that they never know happiness. Now what will become of the children? Hopefully someone will step in and try to undone what has been done so that they never feel the overwhelming need for love and adulation that was so obviously his addiction.

May he rest in peace finally and perhaps have a ringside seat to see the circus that most certainly will be the media exposure surrounding his demise.

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  1. I thought the same things you did. I then wondered if it will be like Elvis where there will be sightings and people will wonder if he really did die.

    The life he led was odd, at best. I also wonder what made him the way he was.