Monday, June 29, 2009

Soapbox Derby #1

Sometimes I feel the need to get on a soapbox and just scream...not just rant, but scream! I am so tired of people (and by people I mean friends, acquaintances and just plain strangers) thinking it is perfectly correct to walk up to me and just start spouting off their political views.

I don't encourage it or even ask for it. They just feel this need to sound off and assume I share their views. While sometimes I do, I consider my political and religious beliefs personal and don't feel the urgency to foist them on others. I am so tired of vitriolic rants, e-mails that are downright stupid in their lack of credibility, and just plain racism hiding behind the Constitution.

Now don't get me wrong...ignorance isn't limited to party affiliation or denomination. It's stems from not wanting to accept what is while ignoring what was. Am I happy with the current administration? For me it is just too soon to tell, but I will say I don't consider Obama the Anti-Christ nor do I think he is an illegal alien. But I digress...this will not be a post about my personal feelings one way or the other and it is certainly not an invitation for yours either(meaning if you do leave a comment as to your viewpoint, know that I will delete it). My point is that I want folks to get out of my face about how they feel regarding our former and current presidents. There are enough people out there who do share your beliefs you can talk to or better yet, start a blog where you will find your audience. In the meantime,please, just leave me the hell alone!


  1. Well said Deb! You know working with the pubic at the store, I ALWAYS have to listen to customers bullshit and I'm kind of in a position to suck it up but there have been days, I've spoke my mind. I guess its the self righteousness of those that thinks EVERYONE needs to hear what they have to say. Excuse this expression, but "who the fuck do they think they are"?? On an entirely different note, I wanted to email you but couldn't figure out where your email address was. I wanted to first tell you how much I enjoyed the pix's of Bella. And next, how sweet your comments were about Morgan. I'm having a really difficult time "understanding" why Morgan was brought into this world so easily, while little Bella was given so many challenges? You know, I guess I'm just kind of sensitive. I know God has His reasons, but I can't always understand them. I LOVE the pixs today of Bella. You take care, Sue

  2. I promise to never tell you my political views since I'm Canadian and, as far as I can tell, Canadians have no particular policital opinions to speak of :) Have a great day!

  3. I just found your new blog! This made me smile...right on!